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Is a Wedding Filmmaker Worth the Expense? {Tuesday Tips}

While planning a wedding, it is not uncommon to look for ways to save money, especially since the costs can add up so quickly.  There are of course all of the necessities, the dress, the venue, the flowers, the food, a photographer…but when it come to a videographer, or wedding filmmaker, it is often at the bottom of the priority list.  It’s a bonus or luxury item if you will.  I know it was when I got married and ultimately I did not have room in my budget for this luxury and decided the photos would be enough.  If there was one thing I could do over about my wedding it would be to go back and hire the videographer I was considering and make it work some how.  This is ultimately the reason I initially starting filming weddings for friends and family, I didn’t want them to have the  same regret I did.

After our client’s hire us, work with us, and receive their wedding film, I often wonder if they felt it was worth the expense.  Here is what a couple of our recent brides had to say:

 From Karlen:
“It was really important to my husband and I to pay for our own wedding– the costs of weddings can be astronomical, and we certainly did not want to burden our families. Danny and I were mindful of our budget throughout the entire wedding planning process, and to be totally honest, the one expense that we thought we could cut was a wedding filmmaker. We were so focused on making the wedding day perfect that– at the time– it seemed much more important to put our money and energy into the actual event. Eight months later, the guests have all gone home, the flower arrangements are dead, my dress is dirty and stuffed in a garment bag in the back of my closet. While I have amazing memories from our wedding weekend and gorgeous pictures (thank you, Patrick Moyer), nothing can transport you back to your wedding day like film.  My husband and I cried the first hundred times we watched our wedding film, and we’ve watched it at least a hundred times since. LoveSpun caught so many special moments that Danny and I missed in the excitement of the wedding day. We cherish our wedding film– we have loved showing it to friends and family who were unable to join us at the wedding; we will watch it on every anniversary, and we can’t wait to show our future children this celebration of love that LoveSpun captured so perfectly.”

Karlen and her bridesmaids walking the gorgeous grounds of The Biltmore Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. Photo by Patrick Moyer.

From Brittany:
“When I first met with my planner I was on the fence about having a wedding filmmaker because I didn’t think it was in our budget. I’ll never forget what my planner said. She didn’t have a filmmaker at her wedding and her dad died a few years ago. She said that if she could go back she would have hired a filmmaker because she so badly wants to hear her dad’s speech, see him walk her down the aisle, etc. All those moments you want to relive, you can’t do it in photos. You can remember them because of the photos, but you can’t relive it without video. After her speech I was sold! We immediately booked LoveSpun and I am so happy we did.
I tell everyone to hire a wedding filmmaker – it’s the best investment. Photos are very, very important, and you should hire a photographer you love, but you should also find room in your budget for a wedding filmmaker. I was able to hear my vows, see my first dance, and see our first look all come together on film. I do not remember my wedding ceremony. I couldn’t even tell you what our vows were – but to hear us say those words to each other. It’s incredible to have that film that totally showcases our love. I cry every time I see our video. It was absolutely one of the best investments we made for our wedding day.”

Brittany & Scott soaking in the moment, shortly after sharing their first look. Photo by Milou + Olin Photography

We thank Karlen and Brittany for sharing their thoughts with us and our readers for this topic. We are so happy that you love and cherish your wedding films!!!

What are your experiences?  Were you on the fence about hiring a wedding filmmaker but now relieved you did? If you are planning your wedding, what are your biggest concerns about hiring someone to film your wedding? We would love to hear your feedback or answer your questions.
Thanks for stopping by for a little LoveSpun! ~ Jessica
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