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Choosing a Team that Makes Magic Together {Tuesday Tips} Video + Photo

Tips for Hiring a Good Wedding Filmmaker & Photographer Team

If you are planning your wedding, you have probably thought to yourself…”what if my photographer and videographer don’t get along?”  Most of us have probably heard a horror story or two about how a videographer refused to work with the photographer on the wedding day and ruined the pictures, or how a wedding videographer had to fight for position because the photographer thought their shot was more important.  We even have our own stories from challenging shooting days where the footage was not as good as it could have been.

Why does this happen?  Sometimes the professional you have hired is looking out for their best interests instead of yours.  They are more concerned about the end result of their own work even if it means blocking the shot for the videographer or photographer.  To me this is unacceptable behavior within the wedding industry.  Ultimately, every professional you hire should have your best interests at heart. If you hired a professional photographer, it’s obvious that you want amazing photos and likewise if you have hired a wedding filmmaker or videographer, you want your film to be the best it can be and these two teams should work together to make sure that is the result.

As wedding filmmakers, we of course want our footage to be stellar, but not at the expense of ruining the photographers shot.  I absolutely LOVE beautiful photos and we want you to have the best photos possible so we would never purposely ruin a photographer’s shot.  In fact, as a rule, we try to be in continual contact with the photographer throughout the day to discuss positioning and camera placement so we don’t get in each other’s shot.  There are so many fabulous photographers out there that feel the same way and approach shooting alongside a wedding filmmaker with this same amount of respect and teamwork.  They too would never want to purposely block or ruin the filmmaker’s camera because they want you to have a beautiful film.


pintopinterest{Sharing the angle} Photo credit: Twin Lens Photography

So what can you do?  If you have decided that you want both a great photographer and a great wedding filmmaker to capture your wedding, ask for referrals.

If you are already considering working with a photographer, you can let them know that having a wedding film is also very important to you and ask if there are any companies in particular that they work well with.  If their reaction is negative from the get go, such as they mention they don’t really like working with videographers, they might not be a good fit for you.  If it’s important to you, it should be important to them as well.  On the other hand, if they are a team-player they should be able to give you a few options of people they enjoy working with and do good work.

If you have decided on a particular wedding filmmaker and need help looking for a photographer, make sure you give them an opportunity to refer photographers.  We absolutely love it when we are asked who we recommend.  We have worked with some of the industries most noted and respected photographers and we won’t be shy about who is also great to work with.

On the wedding days that we get to work with awesome photographers, who also respect our craft and work together for the greater good, it’s a magical outcome!

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