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LoveSpun behind the scenes {POSH Featured Filmmaker}

When I first started out in this business, at times I felt lost because I didn’t know how to access the information that I needed to increase my skill and knowledge.  I personally felt intimidated about calling up other videographer’s to pick their brains (that would be admitting I was a newbie).  These days there are so many great resources and organizations that have been started to provide support for the wedding videographer.  One such group that has been created by two wonderful and renowned wedding videographers is POSH.

“POSH was created to connect female filmmakers from around the world with a unique event that was not only focused on education but also on building a strong network of women. The POSH retreat and workshop is like no other out there in that it is exclusively for women and is a small group to allow everyone to learn, grow and share with each other.”

Last November I had the privilege of attending this women only workshop for filmmakers and it was a wonderful experience.  More than the education I received, though, is the support group that remains that has been the biggest reward of attending POSH.  On a daily basis I hear something from a fellow POSHette, either to ask a question or advice to the group, sharing their struggles and successes alike, or congratulating one another on accomplishments.  Even though I would consider myself a seasoned videographer, we all have questions from time to time and we all need encouragement and access to support.

In the article below, I share my story of how LoveSpun Films was started and why I love what I do.  It is my hope that others just starting out will be able to glean some useful morsel of knowledge that will help them as they create their own destiny as a female wedding filmmaker. Read the article


A special thanks to Jennifer Moon of Northernlight Filmworks and Reagan Zugelter of  Studio Z Films for not only creating POSH but also for considering my work worthy of such an honor.
As always, thanks so much for stopping by for a little LoveSpun!

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