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Sweet words from a sweet couple {Choosing a “videographer”}

I am practically speechless at the response we received from one our wonderful couples when I emailed recently asking if they would review our services and if they would recommend us to other couples looking for a wedding filmmaker.  People have told us that they often get chills or even cry when watching our heartfelt films, well this review gave me chills and brought a little tear to my eye.  Thank you Aldo & Christine! The pleasure was all mine.

pintopinterestBeautiful photo by Penny Sylvia

“When we planned our wedding, we didn’t really think about having the day videotaped or recorded.  We wanted to do our best to stay budget-conscious throughout the process, which meant any thought of hiring a videographer went to the bottom of our priority list.  That is, until a few well-trusted people in both our lives presented the notion that our wedding would be a blur (they weren’t lying), and what if we wanted to re-live and remember all that happened?  Having thought about it, we decided that if we could work our numbers around, hiring a videographer would be a most valued investment.  Our wedding planner sent over three possibilities to review and check out.  LoveSpun Films was one of the three “videographer” websites sent to us.  We put “videographer” in quotations because Jessica Ringor of LoveSpun Films is MORE THAN a videographer.  When we saw her website, we honestly forgot what our original task at hand was!  We spent what seemed hours watching Jessica’s trailer films, wedding reels, and wanting to find more material to watch from her blog, Facebook, anything, just to see more.  If you have seen any LoveSpun films – they are exactly what they say they are – films – MOVIES – made and created from love, passion, and romance.  There is something so UNIQUE and CLASSIC about Jessica’s cinematography, clip placement, story movement, music…watching each film we could find, we felt transported to the wedding days of other couples and felt as though we knew their stories; like watching another life in another time.  Jessica Ringor is seriously and honestly at the cream of the crop – but she doesn’t realize it.  We don’t think she knows just how incredible she is, but we do know she believes, appreciates, and respects what she does in the industry of capturing love in motion.  From her initial emails and meeting her for the first time on the big day, we knew and felt there was something so special about her.  She is an ARTIST who genuinely LOVES the unfolding of a true love story – these stories exist and Jessica crafts them into beautifully made films.  Anyone can tell from her smile, kindness, professionalism, and humility that she is PASSIONATE, a true artist, when she works – before, during and after the big day.  Jessica delivered a proof of our film sweetly packaged with goodies to view.  She has definitely made us feel very important and special.  It’s rare to find a wedding film maker who allows her clients to view and review a proof of their wedding and be open to making any changes at all.  By the way, Jessica is also very much like a “ninja” without trying to be…we wish we had seen her throughout the day, but we didn’t!  We still scratch our heads and wonder how she did that.

If you really want something to remember, are looking for unique, classy, fun, sophisticated, fascinating, intimate, not your typical wedding video…find yourself transported and swept away by LoveSpun Films.  Jessica asked us questions, everything important to us for our wedding, and she created something so indescribable for us…more than we could have ever imagined our day to be.  You really do feel like you are the main stars in a classic, vintage movie.  We are probably some of the wisest couples around for going with Jessica Ringor and LoveSpun!  Real life moments captured on one of the most special of days in a piece of art…they are ours to keep and relive…not through a mere video with generic effects…but through a visual dream.  If we could write a paper about LoveSpun Films, that would be easy.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Jessica.  We’ll be going to LoveSpun Films for more…”

Christine & Aldo Soriano
August 6, 2010

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